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Simply register as a Adda247 Partner and get started. Focus on teaching. Leave the rest to us.


Growth & Revenue

Relax and see your business grow to new heights. Increased student enquiries. Online enrolments. Higher Revenues

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Better Control

Improved control through Personal Dashboard. Manage Student database. Assign content

What's in it for you

Features & Benefits

Association with statsguru

Partners will be associated with statsguru which is trusted by more than 2 Crore students in India through:

statsguru Co-Branding

Online Enquiry Generation

Reduce Cost

Statsguru Co-Branding

Online Enquiry Generation


Sample Books


The Process

How it works

Step 01.


Simply fill in a few details and submit a request to register with us as a verified Statsguru Partner.

Step 04.


Post payment, your registration process is complete and you get full access to the partner dashboard.

Step 02.


Your details are verified by the Adda247 Head Office and you’re issued a provisional approval.

Step 05.

Online Visibility & Enquiries

Profile of your institute will be created and displayed on different website of statsguru .

Step 03.

Make Required Payment

Make the required initial payment to activate and gain full access to your partner account.

Step 06.

Purchase Study Materia

Start ordering course material comprising books and assignments. Assign Online Test Series to your registered students.

What you pay



Annual Fee

INR 50,000 is charged annually
as registration fee for Partners.

Initial Payment

You pay INR 1,00,000 (includes Annual Fee)
after your institute is verified and issued
a provisional approval.

Added to Wallet

Remaining INR 50,000 is added to
your virtual wallet. 
You can use this amount
to purchase Course Books and Test Series.

You save up To


As Partners you receive statsguru Course Material and Test Series at huge discount as compared to market rates.

*Introductory discount.